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Hi i think i want to go the colour of the second pic, but i want a semi-permenant, i'm thinking about using this dye (first pic) my hair is a meduim-brown at the roots (growing out old dye) and a light ashy blonde at the bottom, do you think it will work? im only doing this in the summer so i can switch it up.
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    Semi Permanent should not actually lighten your existing haircolour, so you will end up with reddish highlights on the browner hair, but your hair will still look brown, and the ash blonde ends will look more like the picture, but perhaps not quite as red as ash will counteract the warm tones.
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    That's such a lovely color! I am thinking about going red too...I've never dyed my hair, and its naturally blonde (darkish, like golden colored). I love the two pics you showed. What is the name of that Natural Instincts color? I haven't seen one in stores that is that light-red colored. Good luck!
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    Be sure to post a pic with whatever you decide to do!

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    The rule of thumb is to check the description on the back of the box, ie "medium blond hair will have these results...", since hair NEVER turns out like the picture!

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