whining ALL THE TIME

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Steven has bee whining ALL THE TIME...i don't think he is in any pain, b./c the second i walk up to him or change positions, he looks at me with this little drin, but he constantly wants attention...last night he only slept for 3 hours at one stretch, and that was with my sleeping with him, which i do not like to do b/c of my back issues..my arms are super sore from holding him ALL THE time, not even regular sit and hold NOPE...he wants to either be walking facing outwards or standing on my belly--he is only 11 lbs but damn it is wearing on me!!!

he is SUPER tired and fighting sleep, his eyes roll back and then he jerks himself awake. PLEASE tell me this is normal and he will grow out of it, nothing i have read said anything about 3 month crankyness (he is 15 weeks) It sucks even more b/c we had just gotten him sleeping consisitnaly through the night and he was generally a happy baby for about 3 weeksuntil yesterday!!!

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    It is normal and he will outgrow it. I know people will tell you to put him down or ignore him and he'll just have to learn or that he's trying to manipulate you or blah blah blah but S went through that and we did what we had to do to get through it and she outgrew it and into some new form of hell fairly quickly :lol:
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    Xander went through something like that too. One of our friends told us that it was a result of him becoming more aware of the world and not wanting to miss a thing. Like CGNYC said, it passed relatively quickly. I can't remember if I did anything to help with it.

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