Going Blonde!

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Hello hellooo

So! For the summer I want to have some fun and go blonde, so I figured I'd better start doing my research now! My hair is a very dark brown (everyone thinks it is black, that's how dark it is) so I am wondering how difficult it will be to lighten up. I attached a picture of what I'm shooting for, more or less. It has a brown undertone to it, but that's because I think it'd be more complimentary than the straight-up yellowness of blonde. Ya know?

I am terrified of dying it, however, because 1. I don't want to have to bleach it =( and 2. I'm scared that my curls won't revert. Has anyone gone from so dark to so light? How'd you do it? I plan on going to a Ouidad Salon and let the professionals handle it. Have any of you had a drastic change like this done professionally? I know it's going to cost a pretty penny, but how pretty are we talking? Do you think I would HAVE to bleach it first? That's the scariest part!

Ahh, so many questions.

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    Its a pretty color and I think as long as you deep condition then your curls shouldn't be too damaged.the lightest I've gone is med brown but I did it myself...I've seen some youtube videos on dying hair and their curls look the same but it was done on shorter hair


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