Elasta QP power gel, 4c hair any good

I did the big Chop 3 days ago.i'm trying to find products that work for me.Elasta QP power gel i've used for years, it's got a strong hold, no flakiness but feels very dry to the touch when dry.I used it for a flat twist out & it looks real nice, is it any good for my hair. The ingredients are water/aqua, Carbomer,carmel colour,fragrance,Methylparaben,imidazolidinyl urea, sodium hydroxethulglycinate, tea,


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    Good morning, it seems like I'm the only one who uses this gel, as I haven't have any response, never mind. Part of my natural hair journey is learning about products & ingredients anyway. I've always relied on recommendations previously.I bought a great book, The science of black hair, this book breaks everything down, I mean everything. It will help you to understands the mistakes made with your hair in the past, get the book you won't regret it.Plus I did some internet research & searched forums here. I was able to breakdown the ingredients & make my own assumption about the gel.Well here goes.The carbomer is a synthetic product thickener/helps the ingredients blend well, does nothing for the hair at all good or bad. Methylparaben & imidazolidinyl urea or synthetic preservatives,good or bad depending on if your trying to go all natural or not, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate is a naturally derived product from amino acids if it was higher up the ingredient list it's used for conditioning properties but as its low down down I'll assume is doesn't have much in so it's used as another preservative,right at the end with have TEA, a sulfate, even though it's low down on the list it could be drying over time as I'm looking for something to use everyday. So it seems like its the carbomer as its thick and feels creamy that has kept me buying it and that alone, that I can see there's basically thickener and preservatives in this gel, no oils, or moisturising agents, no benefits to using this prouct. I'm gonna try to find another gel any suggestions? Or anyone know where to find Eco Styler gel on the high street or is it just Amazon?
    Thanks for listening 😘