Taming the Morning Mane

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So I was just wondering what other guyswith kinky hair do that their hair in the morning... I just put a leave in conditoner(to make pickung out my hair bearable)and and pick it out ,but it looks so bushy that way. I really think it looks better uncombed sometimes...i just dnt wanna look throwed away..... Feedback please...


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    I do a couple of things whenever i want to stretch out a wash n go. For one I sleep on a satin pillow case so that helps with the tangles. In the morning I shower, let some of the water run over my hair (just a little bit). Once I'm done showering I let my hair dry then use a pomade or hair butter and run it over my fro. I use my fingers to "pick out" my fro from the roots a bit and then run my hands over my hair again with pomade. I usually get frizz control and a reasonably styled fro from that. HTH!
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    That used to work well. But now since he picks it out thurs thru sunday his curls are frizzy during the week when he doesn't pick.

    By the way, maneman I sent him a link to your site.
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    Do you sleep on a satin pillowcase? That makes your hair less frizzy and less prone to tangles.

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    I still don't have a night time routine. I just fall asleep.

    But for the morning routine, if you have a short curly hairstyle, you want to be careful and consider that sometimes prepare the hair early because I've had to rewash and jump back in the shower many times because I should not have picked the hair out that morning.

    Just use your hands to rake and fluff out the curls then if you have your sides tapered by a barber you can wet your brush and brush down the sides or whichever direction the sides grow.