I need help. my scalp is flaking!!!

naturallynappynaturallynappy Posts: 7Registered Users
Hi guys!!! FYI I'm a curly guy lol . Anyways so I'm growing out my hair (again), and I'm experiencing dryness in my scalp its basically sheding and its really itchy !!!.. What products should i use on a really basis to help prevent this. And also what could use just to make my hair look better in genearl. I currently use KC leave in conditioner(daily) and tresemme naturals weekly..I prefer natural products..no cones, sulfates etc


  • JohariJohari Posts: 673Registered Users
    Maybe ur not drinking enough water

  • GoldieCurlieGoldieCurlie Posts: 2Registered Users
    aw! I've been having the same problem these last few weeks, actually!

    What I did yesterday and it really helped was:

    First I got some sugar and mixed in a little of my suave conditioner and applyed it all over my scalp and massaged it in for like 1 minute. I did it before I got my hair wet.

    Then I rinsed it out and applyed some olive oil onto my scalp and massaged that in for one minute.

    Then I just rinsed it out and put in my co-wash conditioner (or you could use shampoo instead) and rubbed my scalp vigourously for like 2 minutes.

    Lastly, I rinsed that out and applyed some more condish and gently massaged it in for one more minute and rinsed it out.

    I don't have any more flakes today, so that's really nice!

    If you want, you could try one or all of these things and see if it helps! I've also heard that Tea Tree Oil helps with dry scalp as well.

  • elenaaelenaa Posts: 190Registered Users
    i second the tea tree oil but i would recommend not using a whole bunch cause it makes your hair smell weird after a while (i would know :()

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