Waking up with no frizzy hair?

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I have tried silk scarves on pillows - no difference. I have tried products - Dry in morning. I have tried tying my hair up and leaving it overnight - flat and oily. Please help?!?! :) I cannot have showers in mornings because I have to go to bed. Does anyone have any overnight advice?
Thanks :D


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    Well, frizz for me, if I get it in the morning, is usually from tossing and turning all over your hair. If you tie it up, it might flatten it :/
    What works best for me is throwing my hair over the pillow. That way, it's easier to not sleep on it, and the volume in the morning is pretty good! Maybe in the morning you can also use a "refresher spray." That's pretty much just watering down some conditioner or leave-in conditioner and putting it in a spray bottle.
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    I french braid my hair (thick 3b) a few minutes after I get out of the shower to help keep the volume down. If you sleep on your side it helps manage frizz a lot. When I wake up in the morning it is usually a little damp and I spray some holder in. I also used to put it up in a high, loose, bun before bed but I found it hard to keep my part in. Hope this helps!
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    At night I dampen my hair, put in some of my leave in and other moisturising products, put it at the top of my head in a pineapple and throw on a satin bonnet. In the morning after I take my hair down I use a bit of my refresher spray and styling products as needed.

    Hope this helps! :)
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