Curls Unleashed Moisturizing Cond. Leave In Cond. and Command Curl Creme

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I went to my local sally's and bout the Curls Unleashed Line. I was eager to try it and also skeptical since I didn't have a good experience with Shea Moisture

Real Quick The Moisturizing Conditioner is a great buy, left my hair feeling very soft after a 30 minute deep conditioner

The Leave In left my hair very stick/tacky feeling after I applied it to seal my oils in. Dried very quickly when I was trying to comb it through my hair. Hair felt soft but soft and sticky don't mix. I did a finger coil style after this and my hair did not have the same hold as it usually does when I do a finger coil.

Used the Command Curl Creme to take down my coils for a coil out. My hair was once again very sticky. It dried pretty fast and I only used a little bit after I noticed how sticky it was becoming.

I am a 4B so maybe it was my hair, maybe it was reaction with the oils.. idk.. here's a vlog review I did Curls Unleashed Products Review - YouTube so you guys can see.
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    Thanks for the info..I was just looking at these products..I can get them locally which is a plus. Not sure about the stickyness , i can be heavy handed with products:(
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    I just saw these at Sally's, and I was tempted, until I read the ingredients. They have a lot of cones. :(
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