medications frying my hair, does it get better?

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I am on various medications, the nastiest being accutane. It is, predictably, frying my curls (and the rest of me, but we got to the point where all other options had failed... totally off the subject...). I am struggling to get moisture into the hair and as soon as it dries I have a horrible coarse halo of frizz. I realise there may not be much I can do beyond frequent DTs and using really moisturizing products, so I just have to live with it to some extent.

My question to anyone else who has had dried out curls caused by medications: did it improve when you stopped the meds or should I just cut it all off, go back to a pixie and try again once I am off the meds??? WDYT?
3a, low porosity, protein sensitive, medium texture (with random coarse strands), growing out a pixie cut

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