To bc or not to bc

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Okay where to begin....I feel So stupid because after 17 long months of transitioning I just texlaxed my hair and the worst part is I did it myself and I had to wash it out like 5 times because I could still smell the relaxer and while I was washing it out my hair felt sooo rough..and all I could do was cry...but I can't blame anyone but myself and here I am back to the transitioning stage* sigh* I am currently rocking a layered flatironed haircut...and this gets old I'll have No idea what to do with it..I'm contemplating whether I should dye my hair so I can see the new growth and slowly cut off my ends...or just do the big chop bcuz I don't think I've ever seen my hair 100% natural besides in my baby pics and tbh I don't think I even know my real curl type...I want to to braids and sew ins but I have other things I need that money for...someone please help me sorry for the extra long post/rant
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    Sorry to say this, but the only person who can truly answer this question is you. I personally BC'd after 'transitioning' for 4 months, knowingly. I was just anxious. There are a few things to consider if you are going to BC.

    1. How comfortable are you with short hair
    2. Are you expecting your hair to look a certain way
    3. Will the shock of seeing your hair in a short fro or buzz cut freak you out
    4. Will the shocked looks from others regarding your drastic change freak you out

    Considering that you texlaxed after transitioning for over a year, I wonder why did you go for the texturizer? Did you tired of transitioning? If you don't want to go through another long transition, BC'ing MAY be a feasible option.

    If you hair is feeling rough maybe you should try a deep conditioning treatment to get your hair happy again. I would not dye it at the present moment only b/c you could possibly give yourself more problems.

    Anyhow, all that to say if you are comfortable with another transition and that what you want to do, do it. If you do not want to transition for a long time, don't...Then BC. I've BC'd 7 months ago and it really does go by fast.

    Good Luck in whatever you decide to do.
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