I need help!!

yanamama123yanamama123 Posts: 3Registered Users
I'm 14 yrs old n my hair is about a 3c .. when I was about 10 my mom stopped relaxing it .. she started letting me do my own hair n I broke it all off by sleeping in pony tails n not combing thru my hair. So my hair is very dry n sokes up anything I put in it... any ideas how to get it to grow n not as dry??


  • pbull574pbull574 Posts: 6Registered Users
    Moisture sweetie if its dry get a good leave in and a oil to seal in the moisture coconut oil is great. As l Am available at sallys have a great leave in. also vatika oil is great you can get it at your local indian grocery store. Also deep conditioning helps too.

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  • imGellinimGellin Posts: 11Registered Users
    Your hair sounds like mine you should braid it over night and put some natural african Shea butter on it and I promise your hair will feel So soft and moisturized

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