My hair is really dry how do I get it healthy again?

yanamama123yanamama123 Posts: 3Registered Users
I'm 14 and my hair slack up every thing how do I get it healthy again.??


  • CSICSI Posts: 140Registered Users
    Have you tried the curly girl method to gain moisture? Look it up on this site. In short give up the silicones in all your products. You will see a diff in about two months.
  • yanamama123yanamama123 Posts: 3Registered Users
    Thnx Wat else will help it
  • Violet:)Violet:) Posts: 13Registered Users
    Same thing with me! If you want you could try the deep conditioning things that this site has...but I think if you use something like oil treatments it would be better for ur hair.
    Confused on how to keep my hair not frizzy....

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