How would you make-over Snooki if you could?

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I'd need to see her natural skin color, since we know it isn't orange. First, I'd cut her hair into something very short, chic and sophis. Maybe a side-swept bob, a la Eva Longoria. I might keep it jet black or maybe lighten it to a caramel color with highlights. I'd stay within a caramel theme for her makeup too. She'd be very monochromatic, if possible. But it wouldn't be boring at all, just natural and elegant. None of that frosty pink lip stuff.
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    Snooki is actually really gorgeous without the tan and the makeup. I was shocked!

    Snooki without makeup? We don't see that every day [Poll] -

    I think she would look good with a makeup and hair look similar to Kim Kardashian on her subtler/more natural days. A pinkish-brown lipstick, and subtle eye makeup (maybe with a goldish shimmer) that doesn't stand in the way of noticing her gorgeous eyes. I would keep the long black hair, but just style it in a more modern way.
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    garden hose!


    after that, i'd leave it to professionals...
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    Gotta say I am slightly surprised by how pretty she is with out all the heavy makeup. Like a completely different person. Wish she did that more often.

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    I would wash her face and hair so we could see what she actually looks like. The fake tan, makeup and hair are like rubber mask that she pulls over her head. Maybe she uses it as a shield against the world. she's stunningly gorgeous with a naked face and natural hair.
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    I am getting in on this thread of February past, and loading you with pictures.

    I am glad Snookie has transitioned into Nicole since the birth of her child, but Nicole needs some help, too.

    From this... To that



    And she's still pushing the tan
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    Like several of you, I would set up a decon tent and scrub that off. Then I would snap those duck lips off, like she is Mrs Potato Head, and put a regular smile on. It is much more attractive


    While it is so nice to see more pic's of her in casual clothes, and with little to no makeup, she is still going heavy when she can. I would like to see her lighten up a bit, and just be a little more neutral. ETA: Her eyebrows are way too harsh and drawn on, imo. The lipstick colors are much better but way too much 'butt out, lips puckered, eyes wide, show some skin, try to look sexy and like a surprised child'... Working way too hard for the camera.


    ^ so much better.

    (Her son is a doll)
    When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

  • Fifi.GFifi.G Registered Users Posts: 15,490 Curl Neophyte
    Now I want a Selfie Potato Head complete with duck lips and peace sign fingers.
    When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??


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