Highlights kill curls...help me fix 'em.

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yeah my hair was in perfect condition i had such nice curls and then i decided i was bored with the color and got a ton of highlights and my hair went all crazy hay-stack straight looking. now i want to get it back to normal.. or before i mean... is this even going to be possible with the highlights? or will it never be 'that' good again?
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    The curls will come back, it'll just take a while, or so I've found. Though I remember reading that others had looser curls too when they do any type or amount of color.
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    If the hair is damaged as the "haystack" results seem to indicate, your curls won't completely go back to normal, especially NOT without help. What you need right now is to get a good protein treatment to use every week and follow with a moisturizing lotion or cream. These usually contain oils, so don't be afraid of that. In fact, if you used jojoba oil, either straight up (just a few drops on freshly washed hair) or mixed into your regular CO you may be able to skip the lotion/cream. By "refilling" the cortex (inner layer) with protein your hair might be able to "remember" its former shape and retain moisture better which also helps the hair to curl better.
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