Drugstore CG Products?

Curly_chiliCurly_chili Posts: 9Registered Users
So I am CG, and I have a conditioner and shampoo (that I use on occasion) without silicones & sulfates.

But I have having a terrible time finding inexpensive readily available in store styling products!

f you have any CG recommendations for any of the following it would be great!
Dry Shampoo
Styling cream
Deep Conditioner
Leave in Conditioner

Thank you :)

My hair is fine, and I think it is 3a-b


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    Do you have a Sally's near you? Biotera Curl Cream is good for styling, and that's also where I get my absolute favorite deep conditioner- One n' Only Argan Hydrating Mask. You can also get GVP Conditioning Balm, which is a very popular DT.

    As far as LI conditioners, I usually just use some of my RO- I scrunch a bit in after I finish my shower.

    Suave has a very good dry shampoo (nicest part- it doesn't need to be brushed or combed out), but it does contain alcohol, if that's a consideration for you.
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  • Curly_chiliCurly_chili Posts: 9Registered Users
    Thank you so much! I do have a sallys near my house, I'll go check them out!

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