Morning School Routine?

nberry.1996nberry.1996 Registered Users Posts: 17
It always seems like I'm rushing to get ready in the morning! Is there anything that you find that helps you manage your time better or anything that helps you get your hair done more quickly? Also, how long does it take your hair to dry and any tips on getting it to dry more quickly?


  • RimiRimi Registered Users Posts: 2,001 Curl Neophyte
    Try wearing it in braids at night (2-10 depending on how long your hair is). Then, in the morning, spritz the braids with a leave in (if you need to), unbraid them, and go!
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    I take one shower at Night and I conditioner wash my hair, moisturize it with something, then while it's still pretty wet I put gel in it then put it up in a semi tight super high ponytail towards the top of my head so I won't sleep on it. (aka pineapple it) that way I can shower in the morning without getting my hair wet then put my makeup on and be done. I always get pretty good to decent looking hair this way. Hope it helps u some.
  • curlislandcurlisland Registered Users Posts: 85
    The night before I have early classes I wash my hair at night, apply my all my product, throw it up in a pineapple and cover it with a satin bonnet. In the morning I just have to take my hair down and spritz it with my homemade refresher spray. Hope this helps you!
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    i usually wash my hair every few days, because i have NO time in the morning to do that. So at night, I wash my hair and mousse it to control my after-shower poofiness (but for me at least a little poofiness is inevitable lol) and then i braid it or put it in a loose ponytail. When i wake up i rinse my hair down under the bath tub faucet or the sink and get it really wet like i would in the shower, but i don't wash it. And then i style it and as long as my hair doesn't decide to be stupid, it usually takes me about 10 to 15 minutes. 10 being a ponytail and 15 leaving it down. I get up at 6:50, my hair's done by seven, and then i leave for school at 7:20. :mrgreen:
  • Tripgirl3aTripgirl3a Registered Users Posts: 201
    First I take showers during the night. I co wash with Garnier fructis naturals conditioner (don't use this! It has silicones!!!! I just have to use it up before I can get a better one) then I scrunch out some of the water so my hair is not dripping wet while I change. Then I add some of my conditioner Detangle my hair and then add herbal essences set me up gel to my hair. Then I let my hair dry for about ten minutes then i plop with a long sleeved t shirt in the morning I do touch ups with some gel ad then I am ready to go!
  • Madelyn15Madelyn15 Registered Users Posts: 2
    I have to wake up early in the morning and I take a quick shower and I use Garnier Fructis's Leave in conditioning cream when my hair is still wet because my hair starts to curl once i get out of the shower and I just put enought on to coat my hands a little and i basically do a scrunching motion and then when my hair drie it is curly, tight, springy, shiny, and very constructed. If i want de-constructed hair, i just rub my hair between my hands and it seperates them a little. it takes my hair about 45 minutes to dry, even though its thin :\
  • britney.britney. Registered Users Posts: 292
    Usually I take a shower at night since I have to wake up super early to wash my hair in the morning. But overnight I'll put my hair in a pineapple and put a satin sleep cap over it, and then I just take my pineapple out in the morning and that's it.
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  • Lucybird123Lucybird123 Registered Users Posts: 11
    On the days that i dont shower in the morning i take one the night before and then i put it in french braids with leave in conditioner and when i wake up all i have to do is take out the braids and put in a some mousse 💋 hope that helped!
  • gigi98gigi98 Registered Users Posts: 5
    I'm a 2c-3a curly. I use only baking soda and apple cider vinegar on my hair, for 'poo and condition. It really make my hair manageable. I always take showers at night, and if my hair's wet by the time I go to bed, I wrap it up in a terry towel turban. In the morning, I just spray my hair with lavender mist (water and lavender oil,) scrunch, and go. If it's being annoying or frizzy, I use a dab of coconut oil. Ta-da, springy curls. When I sleep I just lift my hair up from under my head, so I don't smish them during the night, since my hair isn't long enough to braid or pineapple. It's about a little lower than chin length.:snorting:
  • Curly_YulissaCurly_Yulissa Registered Users Posts: 2
    I wake up at 530, and hope in the shower. while in the shower i will wet my hair in cold water and comb out the knots. After i apply Garnier's sleek&Shine leave in conditioner while hair is soaking wet, making sure every strand of hair is applied with this from roots to ends. After i put it in a bun so i can keep the conditioner locked into the hair. If i'm taking my time i finish by 605 maximum. I get dressed and then put my hair back down and apply ion miracle leave-in sold at sally's. I tie it up wash my face apply some face lotion and put it back down and apply a tad bit if needed in certain parts, and by then its 630 ish and i have to leave the house at 640 for my bus stop.
  • KiaraaKiaraa Registered Users Posts: 30
    Rimi wrote: »
    Try wearing it in braids at night (2-10 depending on how long your hair is). Then, in the morning, spritz the braids with a leave in (if you need to), unbraid them, and go!

    I follow the same method! Sometimes I keep my hair twisted/braided throughout the next day to make it completely dry, then unbraid/untwist the next morning after.
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  • luluusluluus Registered Users Posts: 50
    Hey there!
    Well in order to minimize the time I need for my hair in the morning, I like to get things done the night before (even though I wake up at 5am). Basically, this is my curly routine for the night before:

    1.) Shampoo my hair
    2.) Put rinse-out conditioner in hair and detangle ends. Leave it in for 5-10 minutes as I finish shower.
    3.) After finishing shower, I rinse out the conditioner
    4.) I dry out hair gently with a towel
    5.) I apply a small amount leave-in conditioner or pomade to hair
    6.) I leave my hair alone and let it air dry in a loose ponytail

    My hair typically takes a while to completely dry but after an hour or so it's pretty dry. If I go to bed with it totally wet it will still be wet in the morning.

    At night I like to let it air dry for half an hour to an hour before I put it up in a pineapple and sleep. Then when I wake up I have great curly hair and all I have to do is apply some leave in conditioner and anti-frizz cream. I think if you do your shower the night before, you won't have to spend so much time in the morning on your hair. If I ever shower in the morning, I just let it air dry then apply leave-in conditioner and it looks fine but I like the way it looks with my night routine and that way I'm not rushed in the morning.

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