Brother and Sister (pics)

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Bryan turned 2 months on Wed. and had his first photo shoot yesterday. Here are some of my favorites.








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    Awww-- super duper sweet and adorable!!!!
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    Omg, cuteness overload! I also can't get over how big Lillith has grown! :love7:
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    Holy mackarel!

    How stinkin' cute! I love the pictures! What adorable little ones!!!
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    Great pics! Beautiful babies!
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    Cute! I love the last one...sweetness personified!
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    Love! My favorite is your daughter on the green background. Such a little lady!!
    Gorgeous babies!

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    Wow! Your daughter's a natural model!

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    You are beautiful!
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    Well, they are just adorable! I love that Bryan was photographed barefoot. :) And your daughter! Did I miss her name? Anyway, I love the green background portrait and the other picture of her holding little Bryan's hand is so sweet.

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    Sweet! Your daughter is gorgeous.
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    So cute ! Love her little flats. :)

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    Beautiful! Love the one of her on the green, especially!
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    They are the cutest!

    And I love barefoot babies. Babies don't need shoes!
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    Oh, how cute! Lovely pics.
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    So, so, sooo CUTE!
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