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Can anyone tell me how to co- wash? I read i one place it is washing as normal but with conditioner- another source said you water jt down first and then soak in a bowl???


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    Cowashing is similar to normal washing with shampoo, only using conditioner instead. The difference is that conditioner doesn't foam up like a sulfate shampoo does, so you have to scrub your scalp well with your fingertips to loosen dirt and oils. Sulfate shampoos are so foamy they easily strip away oils without much scrubbing action needed.

    To cowash, use a small amount of light conditioner, and scrub your scalp well. Use the pads of your fingers, not fingernails, and massage thoroughly. If you have really thick hair, you may need to cowash in sections. Then use a little more conditioner and apply to the length, like you would with shampoo. Rinse when done.

    DormRoomCurly has a good explanation of the CG method, including cowashing here.
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