Lost my curls!

Hi everyone!
I have a major problem... I used to be a 3b curly as a teenager... now I am a 2b wavy as an adult! Ever since I went on birth control, my hair has become progressively less curly! I am so saddened by this! I used to spend 5 minutes tops styling my hair. Now, it takes so much effort to attempt to make curls, but they always just fall flat into waves. I use Curlformers, but I can't use them every day since I go to the gym every morning and work in the evenings... it takes me an hour to put them in and about 5 hours for my hair to completely dry in them. So, unfortunately, using them on a daily basis is not feasible.
My hair is becoming increasingly difficult to style into curls. No matter what I do, they fall flat and lifeless and become more stringy waves than anything!
Has anyone else experienced this issue after going on birth control? If so, what did you do? I'm looking for a way to style my hair without heat. HELP!


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    My hair used to be 2b/2c (is there a 2c?) but after I had kids it went to 3b, so hormones have a lot to do with hair pattern. I've learned to embrace it and just switch up the products I use. Maybe you can try a different birth control with less progesterone or estrogen?
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    Well, I've heard of women getting more curls after having kids, but I've never heard of losing curls until it happened to me! I've been on several different pills and the result is always the same. As soon as I go off the pill, my hair starts going back to its original curliness. I'm not opposed to having wavy hair, but I have no idea how to style it to make it look good with minimal effort!