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Has anyone made any cakes from the Cake Doctor books? I have the book but haven't made anything from it yet. Next week is my boyfriend's birthday and I'd love to bake something from it. But, I'm kind of nervous to use a recipe I've never tried for a cake I'm going to serve to a bunch of people. I'd like to make something chocolate. Any recommendations or reviews?
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    Hi. I made a coffee cake from a recipe contained in the Chocolate Cake Doctor Recipe book and it was great! I checked out the book from the library and I am in love with it. I plan on making some more cakes too. It is definitely easier to use these recipes than bake cakes from scratch. They don't exactly taste like a cake made from scratch, but, they are a close second. Good luck with your recipe.
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    Hey, first time on this forum.....I have the book and have tried several recipes, favorite so far is one of the Orange ones, sorry cannot remember the name, but it had orange juice and mayo!
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    I've made 2 or 3 recipes. Oh, my gosh, are they good! Try any of them. The cookies made from cake mix are yummy, too!
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    I wanted to get the book but never did. So some of the recipes are pretty good?
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