Henna on my head

Totally random but I just wanted to post and say....I have some Red Raj henna on my head. First time trying the Raj, so I'm excited to see how it stands next to the other hennas I've used. This time I mixed it with hibiscus powder and raspberry zinger tea. It's been on since about five, so I'll be washing it out in about ten minutes or so, maybe longer since I'm feeling lazy.

I'm a henna addict. I'll sit down now. :cool:
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    I've been thinking abt henna. I'm excited to see your hair! I would also like a red color!

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    I liked the red raj. Didn't like that it wasn't as finely sifted as other henna's I've used in the past. I'll be trying it again this coming Sunday. It did a great job covering some of my grays.
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    picnikfile_TjH5td by L.O.V.E.5, on Flickr

    hope this works...results of Raj henna!!! I am in looooooooove.
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