I want my curls back!!!!!

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Hi, I have a huge problem and Ive tried so many products I'm lost. I am a mixed race woman (black & white) and my hair is naturally a beautiful tight curl (I would say 3b-3c). I never had a problem with my hair up until I cut it off into a straight bob hair style ( Rihanna/Posh Spice look) in 2009, and because it was so short and cut to be that style I straightened it faithfully for about 2 years (not with a relaxer just with a CHI flat iron after air drying it). Now that I want to wear my hair curly again my texture is a complete 180! Its a flat/limp wave and the ends are practically straight (about a 2c) , if you lift the back of my hair you can see what my original hair is the tight curls that I want. Ive tried the products I use to use from Curls Rock to Foxy Curls to branching out all the way to Mixed Chicks and nothing is defining my curls!!!!!! And my style lasts one day if even that (I use to get 4 days out of my hair). Is there anyway I can get my naturally curly hair back or am I forced to live in a world of envy towards my daughter and sisters???? Please HELP me!
I was considering trying Ouidad any thoughts? Whats your favorite products and how do you use them?


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    I'm no expert but after seeing numerous videos on YouTube & knowing personally some friends who have encountered the sane issue... It sounds like a form of heat damage.

    The more you flat iron your hair it damages your natural curls in a since training your hair to lay straight with heat. Most who want their true curl pattern back end up cutting it all off and letting it grow back in. :-/

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    One other tip is to try Eco styler gel which you can get anywhere for very cheap for a good hold on your curls. But it does dry crunchy. However, you can scrunch it out.

    The Argan Eco Styler (at Sally's Beauty Supply) is a little less stiff than the others.

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    Step away from the flat iron.. it is not your friend.

    You may have to spend a lot of time deep conditioning and/or protein treating your hair, or just save yourself the time and cut off the damage and start over from scratch. Do a search and you'll find lots of heat damage threads.
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    My mom is a natural 3a-3b, and she flat ironed her hair for YEARS. After she retired she quit using heat at all and got back into wearing it curly. It took about 2-3 months, but her curls did eventually revert back to curly. She used (and still doesn't) NO heat. I seriously doubt if she tried any protein treatments. At that time I believe she was using Mixed Chicks. Now she swears by Miss Jessie's Quick Curls, AG Fast Food and AG Recoil.

    It is my understanding that the only REAL way to 'fix' heat damage is to cut off the heat damaged hair. Maybe you can wait a few months to see if yours reverts back. She has since cut hers and keeps it shorter in a big layered fro. She didn't cut hers because of 'heat damage', because hers did revert back to curly. She just cut it for a style.
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    I'm sorry to say it, but either u have to transition or cut the damaged hair off. A few months back, my hair was heat damaged and I cut it off in stages to get used to the thought of me rockin a short cut. B4 I cut it though, I tried everything!! I wanted my curls/coils back sooo bad!!

    Pic of my heat damaged, colored treated hair.
    Pic of my 1st cut.
    Now 5 weeks since the second cut.

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    You can also try manipulating your hair w/ twist outs and braid outs to create a curl pattern. As your new hair grows in do not flat iron or straighten it. Straightening natural hair is for temporary styles because your hair will get trained to being straight and you will lose your curls (as you have experienced). But just as you trained it to be straight, you can retrain it to be curly. I didn't cut my hair off when I stopped flat ironing it. I just stopped and eventually my curls came back.