Economic climate in November?

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This isn't really political but I guess it is a little bit. They keep talking about the 2012 election on the news, and how economic climate will affect that. It's several months away, but time goes so super fast any more. For me, anyway.

What do you think it will be like then (November 2012)? Like now? Better? Worse? Do you think we'll be in any big military conflict(s)? I read a headline about a possible stock market crash later this year. I didn't read the article b/c the source sounded sketchy (It was a pop-up thing on Yahoo.). I dismissed it as spam, but you don't know anymore - it could happen. :confused2: They're back on the Euro again which I don't quite understand. I know it affects our market a lot. There are advertisements for investing in gold everywhere. I never expected things to get quite this bad.

I'm not an economist by a long shot, but just by things I've read I predict it will stay stagnant. That could help Obama. Republicans especially Romney act particularly out of touch with average Americans.

One thing that concerns me is gas prices. I haven't been following it much, just watching the news on and off so I don't know many specifics but there is Syria, Israel/Iran, and Egypt I think? That's apparently why gas prices are up. I keep hearing they'll peak at a little over $4.00, but our's are nearing $3.50 already. Our's stay relatively low compared to nationally in KY, but Ohio's across the border are terrible!!

What do you think will happen econimcally? Otherwise? How will that affect the election?

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