Meatball Problems!

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Hi, I really need some guidance here. I'm African-american and Puerto rican, and I have 3C hair/4A hair. It's really thick, curly, and coarse after washing it, and very hard to straighten. With the straightener that I have now, it takes me 3 to 4 days to get my hair to stay straight without getting very puffy again :sad: Once those 3 or 4 days have passed though, I keep my hair in loose curls and it it stays very manageable until I wash it again.

I REALLY need a flat iron that will help me maintain my hair better. I'm hoping for one that will leave my hair silky, pin straight, and one that will hopefully have ceramic plates.

I once went to a salon and they made my hair similar to that of someone with naturally silky, fine hair. I'm hoping for a flat iron that can easily give me those results again after I blow drow my hair.

I've looked into many different brands, and have heard great things about the FHI, GHD, and Profashion (all professional flat irons). I just DON'T want the CHI.



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    Brocato was the best flat iron for me ever. Also, if your reallllly committed to having straight or thinner/less curly hair you can look into doing a brazilian keratin treatment.
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    Current State: Just bc'd but still growing out heat damage in the front that goes to the root
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