Trying to stay strong

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This is my third time transitioning and I have no desire to turn back however going natural is becoming overwhelming with styles, products, and maintanence. I recently relocated to another state that has salons that specialize in natural hair but is hard to get a follow-up appt with in the next week or two. I recently attended a transitioning seminar but it was the same info that I get from the natural hair websites. I am open to getting the BC but my fear is that I am unable to style my hair after leaving the salon. I have been going to the salon sice I was 4 years old so hair maintanenece is an issue for. I have 2 girls age 4, 12 and they were blessed with a culier texture than mine so it is easier to style their hair. I have tried doing my own twist out (fail) and rod set (epic fail) and that products were not cheap. I am trying to get my hair back healthy so I would prefer not to weave sew-ins or braids. I am so confused right now!!! Please Help


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    Maybe making a personal project out of watching how-to youtube vids may help. Depending on ur hair goal, having a fall back hairstyle like a neat headband or a cute fro would be helpful in days when is hair is just not participating. If u post ur hair type and ur regimen the other members may be able to suggest help.
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    I agree with Jydal. Youtube videos are a big help. It's going to be a lot of experimentation especially if you are not used to doing your own hair. Maybe your twist out didn't come out perfect that one time, but try it again and then again until you get it right. Don't expect perfection. Bad hair days happen to the best of us. Just laugh at it, throw on a hat/scarf/headband and keep it moving lol.

    And not all products are expensive. Try revisiting those old school products that were used on our hair when we were younger.

    Stay strong. You can do it!

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    Thanks but I have decided to BC...I just can't take the 2 textures and my hair needs to b shaped...wish me luck.

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