Mane n tail conditioner

JohariJohari Posts: 673Registered Users
I've heard good reviews and decided to get some.I bought a bottle at the beauty supply store and now I see it on sale at Safeway and was wondering if it does help retain length or grow hair.I used it today for the first time and my hair feels good but I didn't use their shampoo because I've heard its not too good.

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  • CurlyJellyCurlyJelly Posts: 29Registered Users
    I'm thinking about buying it mind posting your results next month?
  • JohariJohari Posts: 673Registered Users
    I'm not sure if I need it caz my ends are really dry but my less damaged part of hair is really stretchy...I think I need protein so I used it but not sure if I need a moisturizing conditioner..
    I used it yesterday as a leave in and just braided it so I can't really tell if it helped but I'll use it as a regular conditioner next month or sooner b/c I'm gona straighten my hair for cutting splits.

  • whirly dazewhirly daze Posts: 1Registered Users
    It does have some amazing moisturizers in it. and vitamins. we use it on our horses all the time. takes thick, cord-y, ridiculously split end-y, dry horse hair to shiny, soft (for horse hair) and almost silky
  • KetchupKetchup Posts: 375Registered Users
    I dunno about faster growing hair, but it definitely made my hair so so soft. Only thing that made me stop was the buildup

    Coily, Kinky & Nappy.

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