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tinicurlydtinicurlyd Posts: 1,053Registered Users
Whohoo i was hoping they make a site for this and they did quick!. :D ..im trying to grow out my hair ..just got layers a bit ago but kepted the same length to grow it out ..hopefully i wont chop again lol.. i use to have curly hair close to my butt decades ago and trying to get there again with the help of layering along the way. heres to *happpy growing* everyone! :D
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  • scarlet65scarlet65 Posts: 14Registered Users
    Well, it sure didn't take them long to get this baby up!

    My New Year's resolution for 2007 is to not cut my hair, and keep it healthy using CO, no chemicals.

    My hair is currently shoulder length. My original goal was bra strap length, but I think I'm going for waist length now. I mean, what's the worst that could happen? I don't like it, I can cut it;)

    I can wear it all back in a ponytail or a ponybun now. Wearing it up/back is especially helpful as I'm trying to stretch the time between COing. I would ideally like to be able to CO once a week. Right now I can almost make it through day 4 without freaking out and running to the shower.

    Anyway, this forum was a great idea!

    *happy growing*
  • tinicurlydtinicurlyd Posts: 1,053Registered Users
    oops i forgot to post that my hair is past my shoulders , almost bra length..been taking GNC Nourishair and Womens ultra mega vit for hair growth and health..so far so good ! :D
    Modified CG-Use Low Poo
    Use Suaves & VO5 Condish For CG-Honey+ Condish=My curls are loving it!
    *Suave gels ( love crunchy gels )*My HGs-Re:coil, Jessicurls , Boots , Loreal Spiral Curl Mousse, Tigi Amp*

    *~Show Your True Beauty Cuz Curls Rock!~*
  • CurlyMireyaCurlyMireya Banned Posts: 956Banned Users
    Yeah that was fast service! I cut my hair to my shoulders just before Christmas, but soon regretted it. I liked the style, but it's just not "me." Plus it's in layers so it's more difficult to wear it pulled back. It's been growing so fast though, I'm surprised. It's had to have grown at least an inch in one month's time. I can't say I have any secrets to share. I started taking biotin a couple weeks ago, but I wouldn't think that would have this much effect yet. I've been eating better, so maybe that's part of it. Needless to say, I'm happy with the growth and can't wait until it's back to its original length (just above bra strap)!
    "I'm half Hispanic, half white, and look like an Indian." - Bill Richardson
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,059 Administrator
    My hair is a few inches past my shoulders in the back but of course looks shorter because I have lots of layers.
    I want to grow out to bsl and have my layers longer because my hair curls better that way.

    I take GNC nourishair twice a day.
    My hair has been shedding out to thinner now and then and then coming back in real thick standed. Which is weird since I've been fine haired all my life. Hormones maybe since this started in my thirties. I'm on regrowth time now.

    I try to treat my hair gently but I do still diffuse now that it's chilly outside and I do wet my hair daily.
  • medusahairmedusahair Posts: 3,515Registered Users
    Dude never saw that guest thing before, I'm the guest in the previous post oops :oops:
    Low porosity, medium texture.
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  • RainRain Posts: 217Registered Users
    I had hair to my thighs that I just chopped back to waist length last week. I love the new length but I'm growing it right back out.

    It's interesting to see how my hair behaves differently now that it's short enough to wear down all the time. I just bought two new gels yesterday because I'd forgotten the way my hair frizzes out by mid-morning when I wear it down. I go out the door with nice curls and then...poof!
    3a/b, fine, lots of it
  • SmallFrySmallFry Posts: 614Registered Users
    Wow I'm surprised, its already here! they put this forum up quick! Well my hair is currently just past the shoulders, in fact its to my armpit if its stretched. I'm trying to grow mine past BSL, maybe about 3 inches past BSL (unstretched). So I guess I have another 2 years to go? I am taking GNC Ultra Nourishair and prenatal vitamins (NOT pregnant). But I have a hard time remembering to take them. Well good luck to everyone on their journey. Happy Growing!!
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  • IwantcurlyhairIwantcurlyhair Posts: 338Registered Users
    I'm so excited that there is a forum for growing out here, what a wonderful idea!
    Rain, wow, your hair is already my goal length!
    My hair is currently about arm pit length although depending on how much it curls it always seems to look about shoulder length or maybe a few inches longer. It's extremely cold out now and my biggest challenge with growing out my hair seems to be getting some split ends no matter how I try to protect my ends. The heat indoors also seems to zap all the moisture out of my ends immediately. I'm planning on getting a small trim every 6 months. I went to get a trim in November(in which I asked her to cut no more than .5 inch off) but she ended up cutting 2 inches off my hair which I was pretty upset over so I'm trying to delay going to get my hair trimmed for as long as possible so I can gain some length. My goal length is waist length. However, healthy hair and nice thick ends are more important to me than length so I expect it will take me several years to grow out my hair...plus I'm trying to grow out some layers as well. I've decided that I will not blow dry or color my hair at all in 2007.
    Well enough about me. I wish everyone luck in their grow out goals! 8)
  • ElithiaElithia Posts: 297Registered Users
    On Thanksgiving Day I had about 9 inches cut off my hair, so I just measured it and it's only 8 inches from the root to the end. That's dry, though, so I'm guessing 10 or 11 dry. Now, of course, I'm in the business of growing out again. Luckily, my hair grows very fast. I cut about 25 inches in June '05, and by November '06 I'd grown back probly close to half of that. I think I've gained about an inch and a half since then, which is about on track since it usually grows a half-inch to an inch per month. I've noticed that it seems to grow MUCH faster since I started a modified CG routine.
    Proudly CG since 8/10/06 - the story of my hair!
    Type: 3a/b, very thick
    Length: almost BSL wet
    Products: Suave coconut conditioner, coconut oil, Totally Twisted gel

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  • coco77coco77 Posts: 9Registered Users
    I just started using GNC Ultra NourishHair a couple days ago but I've been cutting it up and mixing it with my oatmeal. For everyone else who is using it, how do take them? They look way to big for me to swallow :shock:
  • CurlyHead391CurlyHead391 Posts: 11Registered Users
    My hair used to be to the middle of my back, but then over the summer I made the horrible mistake of chopping it off- now it is a little above my shoulders but it is taking FOREVER to actually grow back. Does anyone have tips on how I can make it grow faster?

    Life is too precious to be taken for granted; make the most of the time that you have. You never know when God will decide to take you home.
  • LadyCurlyLocksLadyCurlyLocks Posts: 341Registered Users
    I'm sooooo excited to see that this is a forum! I've been hoping we'd have one for a while, just never got around to asking. I had a trim in October, and that's the last time I've allowed scissors near my hair. I also plan to not cut my hair at all in 2007. I've started taking GNC Hair, Skin, and Nails, since I have problems with my cutitcles and nail growth, as well as wanting my hair to grow out. I'm also giving my scalp nightly massages to keep the glands and follicles healthy and working at optimum level (at least I think I'm helping my hair out :P ) I'm very excited to see what results I get, and can't wait to have longer hair! My hair is shoulder length now, and I'm trying to get it about 3-4 inches or so longer than BSL. Glad to know there's other curlies here who are growing out their hair. I know this forum is going to be a big help for all of us.

    For those who are using hair growth vitamins, and have already noticed results, how quickly did you start to see the results, and were you impressed?
    3B Corkscrew... I'm back on the boards now! Just got The Big Chop on Monday, pics coming soon.
  • cymprenicympreni Posts: 9,609Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I've been growing my hair out for, well forever, I haven't done more then a micro-trim in 11 years, but still am barely BSL. And my hair was thinning out quite alot over the course of several years. Last Year I discovered long hair boards, and been taking much better care of my hair. Although I have yet to make any progress with length (only 2 inches while wet, same length when dry), I am still hopefull. I have had some health problems that has effected my nuitrion, that I am being treated for currently. I take a muli-vitamen and hair growth vitamins to try and supplement. My roots feel much healthier, and thicker, lots of new growth, so Im hopefully in the next few years I will have the long thick hair I've always dreamed of.
  • JaxieJaxie Posts: 1,282Registered Users
    I'm growing mine out too! I just had a small trim to get rid of the split ends, but I didn't really lose any length! I'm so happy that they made this forum! ~~jax
    2c or 3a Cut most of my hair off in July '12 and am working on regrowing it.
  • CurlyinColoradoCurlyinColorado Posts: 3,093Registered Users
    My curls only get to a certain length before they stop growing or it seems to stop growing. At it's longest, I can (if I stretch the hairs) get them almost half way down my back. This is the point where it starts to drive me nuts. The longer my hair gets, the more product I use, the ickier it is. I get the best curl when it sits just below my shoulders. I feel doomed to have the same look that I've had since junior high and I'm almost 38! I'm going to go for it again, now that I've found this site, hopefully I'll pick tons of tips to keep my decision firm.

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