Guy trying to grow his curls long, I'm clueless...

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Hello forum, I am a new guy here and I have decided to grow my hair. My idea is to get it to about the length of Troy Polamalu, maybe a bit less. I have curly hair (I think I am a 3 something, maybe a low 4, don't know, it really is curly) and I am clueless how to grow it.

I am trying to read everything and I am motivated to get to it. I am reading how many people here have started growing from short so I would like to ask for opinions or experiences from any guys/ladies. How long does it take to reach, say, the shoulders? Does it get puffier as it grows? What hair products make the hair grow faster? My hair currently is less than an inch and I have read that normal growth is about 1/2 inch every month (not sure about this).

Sorry for sounding so new, I am reading as much as I can but would like to chat with those who have grown their curls already or are on their way :). Thank you.


  • JohariJohari Posts: 673Registered Users
    I'm trying to grow mine out too and its shoulder length when straightened..idk it seems like guys can grow theirs faster maybe ask a random guy in public...there's guys at my school with longer hair than me and they started with shorter hair :\
    ~good luck

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    I'm also growing my hair out. I ended up with a failed relaxer attempt three years ago, and chopped the straight hairs off one year later. It was about neck length there, i don't remember exactly how long it was. Now i'm bsl, and many of the shorter hairs are at least apl. At first i did struggle somewhat with finding a good regimen, but i think that the one i got right now is kinda good, and my curls are soft and growing(co-washing & deep conditioning once a week, moisturizing and oiling everyday, clarify & herbal rinse once a month or more). Some that i think helped me the most is co-washing, and my favorite product that makes my hair really soft is Giovanni direct leave-in. It took my about 6-7 months to reach shoulder length, from ca. neck length i guess and i doesn't think that my hair have got poffier. Or i've a really big hair, that have no problem with forming a afro but anyway also haves lot of body. Co-washing really helped with that.
    Good luck with growing your curls out. :)
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    Hehehe.. "Low 4."

    Anyway, it does seem guys grow hair faster. I think it's because y'all do less to your hair than we do. All I can say is take care of it. Keep it clean and moisturized and be sure to cover at night.

    You can reach your goal! It just takes time and patience. And that guy's hair is AWESOME! I'D love to have his hair! LoL!

    Good luck!!

    Jen :D

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  • BlackAngelPlayahBlackAngelPlayah Posts: 1,419Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Also, there is a curly guys forum here! I'm sure there's some good advice over there!!

    Jen :D

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