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How do I get rid of frizz? No matter how much gel I use, there's still frizz. Sometimes I want frizz so I don't mind, but sometimes you just really want your curls defined. I have an interview on Friday so I want to be able to achieve this look by then.

What am I doing wrong? I see 4a ladies with frizz free curls so I know it's possible. So frustrating. I've tried oh, I dunno - about 10 million products. Top runners are eco styler with argan oil and kinky curly curling custard.

I'm thinking it's my method of application. I literally just take the product and rub my hands together and run over my hair. What other methods should I try?

Oh and I have a twa (if you want to call it that. The stylist gave me a strange cut. It's longer on the top and short on the sides. Almost looks like a mini mohawk. *sigh*) and to give you an idea about my texture - my curls tend to pop on their own without much coaxing from product. It's just that there are these little patches of just frizz. When I use gel on these little patches they tend to just get frizzier and straighter so it just looks strange.

Also, any easy cute looks you would recommend for an interview on this mini mohawk of mine? Short hair is so hard for me. Even when I was relaxed, I just put my hair up in a bun. That's pretty much the only style I know how to do that looks decent and I need to figure something out in 4 days. Lol. I've tried YouTube for ideas but everything looks screwy on me after I do it. Something easy please! (What's sad is that this isn't my first time going natural so I should know better. AND I went on an interview two years ago with natural hair. I did a twist out, but my hair isn't long enough for that yet. It's at some weird in between stage.)



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    What are you using to cleanse your hair?
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    I usually cowash with either Trader Joes tea tree tingling conditioner or aubrey organics white camellia about 2-3 per week.
    If I use shampoo it's the cocoveda shampoo bar from Henna Sooq.

    I deep condition by letting it sit overnight weekly with one 'n' only argan hydrating mask.

    I also use henna about every 2 weeks. I used cassia for the first time this past weekend.
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    Do you use a leave in?
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    Sounds like you need to apply the gel in sections. Even when I had a TWA...once my hair got longer than 2-3 inches, I needed to section it to apply product. I'm trying to picture what your hair looks like...but I'm thinking at least 3 sections...left, right, back and then apply your leave-in and gel. Otherwise you end up missing big "chuncks" of hair which would be the frizzy sections. Also, I dont think it's possible to totally get rid of frizz but try applying product in sections and see if that doesn't help a bit.
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    Oh, yes! I forgot about my leave in. I use kinky curly knot today which I love love love.

    Thanks nappy_curly_crown. I'll try that. It's def at least 2-3 inches. I thought it was silly for me to start sectioning. I don't know why, but I always had the impression that hair should be at least long enough to gather in one hand in order to section, but looks like I was wrong! I'll give it a test run tonight and see how it turns out. Thanks again!
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    It might just be that you don't have a curl pattern in that frizzy area. Could you try doing a few twists with gel in that area, letting it set for a while, then releasing them when you're ready to go out?
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    This is just my opinion, but I think you should clarify the hair to see if that hair is really frizzy (ie, dry) or if it's just product buildup. Considering you have a TWA/2-3 inches of hair, imo you might be doing too much. Just clarify and then use your most moisturizing DC or rich conditioner let it soak in really well to get the hydration back and then go from there. Then you might just need a gel or just an oil. Usually in my experience a section of my hair that is just prone to frizziness naturally gets worse either because a) the hair is dehydrated despite my conditioning efforts (meaning using the wrong products) or b) the hair has buildup/overconditioned.

    As for styles, with 2-3 inches of hair, you could just put a good gel in and a headband or you could put in some coils (finger-twirl small sections) or twists and then coil-out or twist-out. Keep it simple so you won't be stressing it on Friday. Good luck.
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