I got my haircut

On thursday, I got my haircut. No pics yet, but its around shoulder length. I didn't want it this short, but there's nothing I can do about it now. It's a lot easier to take care of though.

Today's my first day wearing it curly. I thought it would be curlier, but actually its not :( I'm not getting those little ringlets at the bottom anymore. My hair isn't straight at the top anymore, but it's more 2c/3a now :oops: Maybe its because my stylist used cones and sulfates when she washed my hair? I shampooed my hair today without sulfates though...

Any comments/suggestions on getting the curl back? Or do you think it'll just be like this? I'll try to get pics ASAP!
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    Your hair might be in shock. Unless your hair is showing signs of them using cones I'd just baby my hair until the curl came back.
    3a hair isn't as curly the shorter it gets so you might not get the ringlets at the bottom until it gets longer. Only time will tell on that one.
    When my hair was shorter I'd use something to weigh it down to get it to spiral more. Like a heavy leave in or a curl creme
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    I replied to you in another post...but...give it a few days it took my hair about 4 days to recover from the trauma :lol: When the stylist cut it, my hair looked pin straight, and when I scrunched in my own mousse in the car ( I don't like them using their products on me..grr...) I almost cried when my hair barely looked like 2b. Even when it fully dried it was more like 2b with some 3a. A few days later it was all 3a/ give it some time :) Looking forward to seeing pictures!
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    What length is your hair now, embudini? You may just be getting less curl because your hair is shorter.