i still use a little bit of shampoo, is that bad?

ive been doing the whole curly girl thing since last summer n my hair really really really changed (for the better) but once in a while wen theres a lot of product build up i use a lil bit of shampoo n massage it on my head. i dunno wat else to do i think washing it with conditioner wont really wash out all the gel n products that i used. is that bad? do u think its the reason y i still have frizz?


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    There are a lot of curlies, including me, that shampoo occasionally. I normally try to use a gentle shampoo, although occasionally I'll use the "real stuff" that my husband uses. Personally, I don't think it make my hair misbehave any more than when I am strictly following CG and not shampooing for extended periods of time.

    As for the frizz, I think that is just a part of curly hair and you are never going to completely be rid of it. Gels and styling products help, but unless you totally gob it on, making your hair look like petrified curls, you are still going to have some frizz. I personally prefer a little frizz to crunchy, producty curls.

    I think we all expect perfection because that's what we see on TV & in ads. There is no frizz in shampoo commercials, magazine ads, or on haircolor boxes. I don't think that's real life, though. Real life has some frizz in it.

    Some may disagree, but, that's my two cents.
    Frizz Happens!
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