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I shower at night and in the morning I have about 10min or less to do my hair. I have thick 3b curls and I hate having to wear them up 3/5 school days because I don't have time to style them. What should I do overnight/in the morning to wear my hair down and style it in less than 7 min????


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    I wear mine in a braid a lot of times if I don't have.time.... Satin pillow cases have really helped my be able to get 2nd day hair.... Pulling half back in a clip on most 2nd day hair also usually bc I'm goin to work

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    I also shower at night, I like to sleep more than I like to do my hair so these are my various hair routines:
    1. Shower at night, wait until damp. Do sock curls just on the very ends of my hair. It turns out really good. Just barely curly at the ends because the socks weigh down the top.
    2. Shower at night, french braid each side of hair. Makes it crimpy/wavy.
    3. Shower AND style at night. I put in my mousse or gel when it's wet and let it dry, then pineapple and when I wake up it looks pretty much the same.
    4. Put a lot of leave in conditioner in after I shower at night and when I wake up I rinse out and it looks really shiny and bouncy.

    I know most of them change your natural texture which is probably what you want to wear your hair like, but these are soo easy. I can sleep until 7 and I leave the house by 7:35. :)

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