What products to use for my 20 month old girl, 3c curls

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I'm a 3a/b and finally know how to handle my own hair.
My daughter is a 3c (on the verge of becoming 4a) and I have no clue of what to do with her hair.

I've been using baby shampoo and soft & precious hair dress creme since her birth. I only comb when her hair is dripping wet, with a wide tooth comb. I shampoo once a week and re-wet everyday.

I think I need a detangler and a new moisturizer. Any tips??
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    Sheamoisture is a product line that is sold at Walgreens. It is organic and gets rave reviews from many curly heads and parents of curly heads. They have a kids line but I have never tried it. It costs about 10$ a bottle.
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    Blended Beauty and Bee Mine are great natural product lines for kids. I love Blended beauty to help define my daughers curls and bee mine luscious to keep her hair moisturized.
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    Curls has a kids brand sold at target even though the kids brands is exactly the same as the traditional brand only it's a lil cheaper.
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    I see that you live in Netherlands, so you'll have to order these products recs from the curlmart. What type of stores are in the Netherlands? Is there a Surinamese and/or black community near where you live? For a detangler you can mix conditioner w/ water and evoo & spritz and then comb her hair?