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Gretchen. First let me say THANK YOU for this wonderful site and your recent revamp of the board.

While checking out your section on make-over at INNU salon, I noticed your photo. Your hair looks wonderful! It's very flattering for you. I also really liked the way you set up this section. The pictures were large and it was really so great that you indicated the hair type above. This way, one can see whether or not the style would work for their hair type (it also made me re-think whether I am really a 3a and not a 3b!!). And the little bio under the photo was helpful also in regards to product choices, etc. PLEASE DO MORE OF THESE!! They're wonderful because they're such connected, real possibilities for us curlies.

So, to get to my point. I love your hairstyle and color!!! Is that your natural color? If not, what color and company is it? Also, the height on top is wonderful. How would I articulate this to the Stylist (ie. layers, etc.), Gretchen?

I've been growing my hair out. It's down to my shoulders and is lieing flat on top. It's also high/low lighted (I naturally have dk. brown hair which is graying somewhat). I cannot take the flat top (I need height on top for my features) AND the highlighting is killing my "usually very healthy" hair.

I need to find a good Stylist in either Phila. or N.Y. (I'm in N.J. but really haven't found one yet that I would recommend to others on your Salon Locator). But, if I do find one I need to be able to describe what I want.
Have you heard of any in NY or Phila. which are great with achieving a shorter sophisticated style (such as yours)? INNU is a little far for me. :lol:

Anyway, any feedbackk you could give me on achieving your style would be most appreciated, Gretchen. Again, THANK YOU.
3b, fine, naturally curly hair. New hairstyle is now a "modified (stacked?) bob". Hair now colored with Redken Shades EQ (brownish coppery color).

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    Wow! You are too kind, Shirleytemple50! I'm blushing.

    The color is not my own! (Alas, with three kids, the greys are swarming!)
    I'll have to call my stylist and ask her what manufacturer/color number, etc. it is.

    It's got lots of layers; I've found that works best for my kind of hair. Makes it much more interesting. She tells me she leaves it a little bit longer on the top than one might normally with a layered cut — to allow for shrinkage and to give height, I suppose. Sounds like you might need to cut your top layer a bit shorter to let it bounce up.

    The more color you add, the harder it is on your hair, so if you can get by with just one overall color (skipping the highlights), your hair might be happier. And just look for a great deep conditioner that works for you. A lot of the gals on the site like Elucence or Jessicurl's deep cond. You might try Barex's No-rinse treatment, too.

    Thanks for the nice comments on the salon shoot. Michelle did a fabulous job of arranging everything. I think it really turned out great. Lots of wonderful photos and style ideas, and we had lots of fun, too.

    I'll call my stylist and ask for more details; bug me in a few days if I haven't gotten back to you.

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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