Trimming/Cutting Question + question about Devachan

I last cut my hair in April 2006, by a Devachan-trained stylist. I still think the cut is kinda weird, but whatever, I'm living with it.

So I'm going to NYC in June and OF COURSE I'm going to get my haircut at Devachan there. The thing is, that'll be over a year since getting my hair cut. I'm trying to grow it longer, so I don't want my hair to get damaged then have them chop off a ton of hair.

Basically, should I get my hair trimmed before then? I don't have many splits (I think...I've never really found a spit on my hair and I know what they look like, but last time the hair person said she was going to "trim my splits"). My ends aren't that much frizzy than the rest of my hair, but they might be by June, you know? I have trimmed random curls a few months ago, but that's it.

If I should trim my hair, does it really have to be at some uber-expensive curly salon or can it just be at the local hairperson? I the local person can't cut curly hair to save her life, but I'm hoping if I STRESS just trimming like a 1/2 inch and THATS ALL, then she'll be okay. Good idea or no? I don't want to go to the Deva-trained person to get my hair trimmed because I don't want it to cost a lot and THEN go to Devachan which I KNOW will cost a lot.

Which leads me to my next question, about Devachan. Who is your favorite Deva stylist? Are they any I should particularaly avoid? Are there any particular ones who are good at cutting 3b/c hair? And how much do they charge? Do you think they are worth it?


Edit: I just realized that it sounds weird saying I am going to grow my hair but then I'm getting a haircut. I just don't like the shape of my hair and possible I am going to see if I can eliminate the layers altogether.
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    if i were you i would try to just trim your ends yourself and not get it cut till u get to devachan. i think everyone there is pretty good. carlos , ana, jackie, francis, keith, judy-i have heard all these mentioned favorably--melissa--she might be new. or else you could go to a barber--they are cheap and are more likely to do a small trim than some salon where they are trying to be artistic and make an impression (g-d save us )
    good luck!
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    Thanks Banjo, that was helpful. I'm still wondering about the price, though. I suppose I should searth through old threads.

    The local person I was talking about is, I guess, a barber, and she's pretty cheap. I've just had...not great experiences with her and my hair. But maybe I'll just trim myself.
    3b/c...or thereabouts.

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