dry scalp problems...helppp!!!

RockRock Posts: 9Registered Users
i have a dry scalp...pretty normal for me. what are the best products to apply to prevent the dry scalp without weighing hair down?


  • CurlyCoilyMeCurlyCoilyMe Posts: 130Registered Users
    Maybe a scalp massage with jojoba oil?:)
  • anonymous_103081anonymous_103081 Posts: 492Registered Users
    I do scalp massages with a mix of EVOO and tea tree oil when I get dry scalp. Just a few drops of tea tree though since it's real strong. I used to have really bad issues with psoriasis until I started using henna, so I know how annoying it is.
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  • joyeejoyee Posts: 4Registered Users
    So don't take it easy this could be a serious problem. Consult it with an expert and suggest a remedy for you.
  • Lucybird123Lucybird123 Posts: 11Registered Users
    I used head and shoulders moisturizing conditioner and it wirked sooooo well!!❤
  • Aerogirl530Aerogirl530 Posts: 135Registered Users
    I used sulfur 8 and some tar shampoo. My scalp looked a lot better. Then I just kept up using oils after I got out of the really bad part.

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