4A. New here. Desperately Need product help!! Fast!!!!

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Hi. I'm new here, and I need help.
Anyone know any products that are good for defining, and managing 4a hairtypes? I KNOW there HAS to be a product (or a regimen of several products) out there, that can define, moisturize, soften, and maintain a NATURAL TYPE 4A curl, without damaging it (and I'm tired of dreads and braids. I love them but it's time for a change. I'm ready to just rock my natural unbraided hair)! There HAS to be something. And I know that one of you GENIUSES out there is going to lead me to this miracle product! Also when wearing natural 4A hair, what should I do when I go to bed to keep it from getting matted and tangled when I sleep?
Please HELP!!!
"My hair is glorious, but it is only tamed by braids. I'm not even sure what my unbraided hair looks like anymore.":afro::queen:


  • knhardeknharde Registered Users Posts: 100
    There are many good products out there for our hair--but you will have to experiment to find the ones that are right for you. I suggest trying to find someone w/ hair similar to yours and find out what they are using (some people list their staples in their siggies too). Also, alot of companies offer sample/trial packs (like Oyin, Qhemet, Anita Grant, curl junkie, jessicurl etc.). Good luck!
    4a/b, a little 3c at the crown; current faves: Anita Grant, Qhemet, Oyin...natural since 2000...(currently 15 inches)

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