Henna for wavy hair?

Dwaeji-TokkiDwaeji-Tokki Registered Users Posts: 172
I need a henna recipe for wavy hair. I am not sure how long to leave it in... In fact, I barely know anything about henna :P

Any help would be highly appreciated :mrgreen:


  • oh.hi.its.stephoh.hi.its.steph Registered Users Posts: 640
    Oooo, henna is a big commitment. Do some research first; once you henna, you're stuck with it! It doesn't fade and is rather hard to color over. BUT, it's beautiful and well worth it, so as long as you're a fan of the red shades, you should be fine. :) Check out hennaforhair.com and the Henna board on the LongHairCommunity forums if you have more questions, they're very helpful.

    Most important thing: you should always always always do a strand test before hennaing your hair. Gotta make sure it's not going to turn green, or turn out a weird color, or be brittle/dry! Better safe than sorry with henna :) Take a small section of hair, at the nape of your neck is the easiest, and test out your henna concoction on that before doing your whole head.

    Anyways, for the actual mixture, you don't need much! A lot of websites will tell you to use lemon juice with your henna, but that's EXTREMELY drying and I don't recommend it. Regular old water works fine for me, and many others. Just mix enough water in with your henna powder to make it more of a "paste." Henna and water is generally enough for most people, but I have very dry hair so I like to mix in some conditioner with the henna. I found Yes To Carrots conditioner works the best.

    That's pretty much it!
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    I henna-ed last summer. I recommend Lush's line of hennas, they come in three shades, and I used the reddish one. It comes in a big pressed block rather than a powder, and cleanup and application are VERY MESSY, but Lush is such a wonderful company with all-natural ingredients and my hair came out wonderfully.

    The only lingering effects I had after was that I bleached it two months later, and my hair usually takes like an hour or so to lift to a light yellow color, but the henna being on my hair made it lift in like twenty minutes.

    Not that I'll ever, ever, ever bleach my hair again.... ever.
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    I have wavy hair and I henna. Didn't make a stitch of difference in my wave/curl/straightness pattern.

    Check out the Henna for Hair site.

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