Yuck! I got frenzy hair on my first date

You see I have this wavy hair and I don't have any specific shampoo, one time I got my first real date with a guy whom I was having an eye for almost a month. He touches my hair (I dunno if it was his way of flirting), whenhis fingers just got stuck on the middle of my hair, to make me not embarrassed he just take it off and touch my chin, wow! oh boy! I really felt like melting down. I think wavy hair should be constantly combed? or it was just my shampoo?:-(

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  • crimsonshedemoncrimsonshedemon Posts: 2,098Registered Users
    I've never had hair that you can run your fingers thru. It's always knotted/tangled at the ends. My husband will put his fingers towards my scalp and run down a little bit then pull his hand out... of course, he knows to only touch my hair when I have no where to go. LOL
    Totally normal.
  • MissDarceiMissDarcei Posts: 193Registered Users
    That's just the way wavy and curly hair tends to be. It tangles together more easily than straight hair so you cant run your fingers through it.
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