DIY layers?

Curly guy here -- 3b/c. My dilemma: I don't want to go to a local stylist or barber because they don't cut my hair right. I know they have absolutely no idea what they're doing when they cut it. At the same time, as a starving college student in NJ I don't know if I wanna go into NYC and spend a whole lot of cash on a haircut.

I've read a lot about how layers can add volume. Anyone have any success with the ponytail method? Can anyone explain step-by-step the way they do it? The longest section of my hair right now reaches the very top of my shoulders if i pull it straight down. I'm kinda okay with the length, but my curls seem to weighing down a lot right now - I NEED more volume. I'm also having a lot of trouble on some days with "triangle head" as some people call it. I mean, should I stick with a quick DIY trim or suck it up and finally go see a curl specialist?


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    I use that method. Then I snip individual curls here and there as needed to get the look I want.
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    The user IAgirl has a great tutorial on her fotki about cutting your own layers. I think her advice is more for longer hair, but it could help you also. good luck :)
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