Hair won't hold! :'(

I just cut my BSL hair to a little past the shoulders, and I'm so happy with the pin-up-y possibilities! :)

However, my problem is this: even with shorter, bouncier hair, my curls/waves seem to fall out and sort of go limp after awhile. I diffuse them and they look lovely! And then by the end of the day they're so weak and lifeless that it makes me sad! :(

Any ideas on this? Right now I'm using Nature's Gate Herbal Conditioner and some Rusk Color Protect (since I also dye my hair auburn). For styling, I'm using a generic from Sally Beauty of Sebastian Fizz XL, and some La Bella Max Hold, I think it's called?

I try not to use too much of anything, but no matter what amount it seems to happen. I also plop for 5-15 minutes with a t-shirt and make sure my hair's mostly (or all) dry before SOTC.

Basically, I'm not sure what to do. :( Sometimes I use a Sally generic for Redken Anti-snap for protein that not a good one? I thought it was kind of nice but maybe it's not getting the job done. Does just having gotten a haircut have anything to do with it?

Anyway, any ideas would be appreciated. I really like my new style but I'm not yet rocking it like I could be! :(
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  • Future WaveFuture Wave Posts: 154Registered Users
    This is a long shot, but do any of the products you use have steralkonium chloride in them? I had the same problem with the curl going limp and nearly straight until I stopped using products with that in them.

    I also had the same problem when I used anything containing any quats - great curl when it was wet, but no matter what I did to try to hold that curl, it would start to go limp as it dried - which is not the nature of curly hair, normally it curls more as it dries.

    I've always heard that curly hair goes through a bit of shock when it's first cut and won't curl right, so that may also be a factor.

    ETA: When I was using anything with any kind of silicone in it (even PEG modified), the same thing would happen - my curls would droop nearly straight, but I'd have this halo of frizz.
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    I checked the ingredients, and it looks like the new Sally mousse I bought contains steralkonium chloride. I'll have to go through and check my other ones too. I guess I could go return them :/ This is kind of a difficult process, haha! I had no idea our hair could droop nearly straight from so many things! Maybe I'll try it once more and see. Darn, it was a great deal and had some awesome reviews, too. :/

    Any suggestions on what has good hold and definition? I've also tried Aussie and HETT, but they didn't seem to do much.

    Thank you btw :)
    Back to CG after a few years away! :)

    CO: Suave Naturals Coconut/Nature's Baby Vanilla Tangerine
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    Too much leave in before gel and glycerin can pull out my curl...
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    For what it's worth, La Bella max hold gel was great for me, but it didn't have nearly enough hold.
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