Day 3 of full CG, 1st day for stand along Co-wash

I co washed on day one, after my last sulfate shampoo to remove cones.

I was kinda silly and worried about over clumping though that has *never* been a problem for me one time before, lol.

Since I was worried about that, day 1 I finger combed the gel in too much causing lotsssssss of skinny s (would have been spirals except my hair is past BSL) curls that were not as curly at the tips as I'd liked I do also need a curly style trim though.

So today- I 'over clumped'

My hair is curly from the root on. I did everything upside down for volume.

The over clumping was around my scalp. When I flipped my head over, I had huge areas of my hair all together. Like top of temple to behind my ear. :tongue2:

So I need to find a happy medium.

My thought for next time is to:
cowash/ condition upside down,
then do the super soaker method w/ my hair upright
then plop,
then diffuse upside down.

I am thinking that that way, I'll still get clumping but that the right curls will clump together as opposed to one above my ear connecting to ones on the back of my head. :sign7:

I also used LALSG instead of HE Totally Twisted gel and got much better hold. I knew right away Thurs I was going to need more hold.

I over scrunched a bit while diffusing but I think since I had hair from diff areas clumping together, they were pulling away from each other and pulling on the scrunching a bit.

I'm thinking that when I redo my hair tomorrow, there's a good chance I will have nice spirals- something I haven't seen in way too long. I have a few near the front of my face b/c they were not in areas that were too clumped. My hair doesn't look bad at all though (a spot or 2 less defined b/c they had to be separated from curls that were too far away).

I do think I lost a bit of shine from either:
A: over scrunching while diffusing due to what I mentioned above
B: Switching gels- maybe the HETT made my hair shiner than LALSG, not sure. again, doesn't look bad today though

Overall verdict: already 1 million times better than before I went full CG! :love4:

Sorry for the long post- I always seem to make them too long! I'll try to work on that!

a bit past BSL (depends on how curly I get it that day)
Co-wash: V05 Kiwi Lime
Cond/Rinse out: GFTN
Leave in: add a drop of GFTN back in
Styling: LALSG, Garnier Anti-Humidity Hairspray when 90-ish% dry from diffusing.

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