Turned heat up too high now my curls aren't so curly!!!

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I bought a new curling iron and it worked great! Of course, my hair was flat-ironed at the time I used it, and knowing from experience that turning the heat up too high will strip my hair of its curls. So, I didn't turn the heat all the way up but my cousin used it and did.. then I used it again w/o turning it back down... a few times. Now my hair is less curly and more wavy (except at the roots where it didn't feel the wrath of the fire). It looks a mess because its so curly and therefore poofy (big w.e.) at the roots and lays better below. Does anyone have any tips on how I might be able to get my curls back besides just waiting it out??? Products that will enhance the curls? Anything would help! I've attached some pics on what it used to look like and what it looks like now. Thanks everyone!


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    one you are gorgeous!!

    try a protein treatment it *might* perk your curls up some.

    if you're really brave try the aphogee 2 step treatment.
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    You can try a protein treatment and deep conditioning. It works for most curlies :]

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    Thanks you guys! I'm gonna try it asap

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