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I am 40 and beginning to get fine lines. I also have freckles which are beginning to turn into splotches that are age spots. I also have acne. Unfortunately, I don't like high-maintenance routines. I tried Meaningful Beauty but there's a cleanser, a deep cleanser, a day lotion, a night cream, a neck cream, an eye cream and little capsules and a glowing serum. I don't want all that to deal with! Plus I HAVE to use an anti-acne toner. I would have loved to just buy the day lotion with sunscreen, but that seems to be impossible so here's my current solution for products:

Meaningful Beauty Cleanser (will use up and then find something else)

Neutragena Rapid Clear 2n1 Toner (which I love)

ROC Multi Correxion Daily Moisturizer spf 30 which I loathe because my skin feels greasy and underneath the gunk is dry and rough skin with a wonky texture that I can see looks rough. It's like my skin does not absorb the moisturizer in it and my skin is left dry with a weird greasy coating. I will not repurchase this and will probably trash it. Meaningful Beauty day lotion made my skin looks poreless and feel silky!

Olay Definity restorative sleep cream which I just started using this week and I love it. My skin looks smooth and feels wonderful. There is some burning when I wash it off in the morning and then apply the toner, but it's dimenishing with repetition.

I am thinking of switching to an Olay day cream with sunscreen and probably one of their cleansers as well.

What do you use? What do you like and dislike and why?



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    rinse with water
    antioxidant serum
    CeraVe AM

    CeraVe cleanser
    PC toner
    Paula's Choice 2% BHA lotion
    PC antioxidant serum
    Renova wait 30 minutes then apply
    CeraVe PM

    I use Alpha Hydrox Spotlight Skin Lightener for any dark spots.
    Body Care : SPOTLIGHT SKIN LIGHTENER Fade Cream - Neoteric Cosmetics, Inc.

    Acne and Wrinkles
    Cosmetics Cop: Skin Care & Makeup Tips & Reviews: How to Treat Acne & Wrinkles
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    I'm 50 and have acne issues and aging issues. I also have issues with hyperpigmentation. I don't use any products that I dislike. I only spend my time and money on anti-aging products that are scientifically proven to do something...Retin-A is the only thing proven to reduce fine lines, and DMAE is the only thing I know of proven to firm skin. I don't use daily sunscreen...scandalous I know...but sunscreen hasn't been proven to prevent long-term sun damage. I do something more simple to prevent sun damage...I stay out of the sun. I also wear mineral makeup daily, which has a bit of natural sun protection, which I feel protects me from incidental exposure. If I do need to be out in the sun, I wear hats, and wear the strongest sunscreen I can find, and wash it off as soon as I can after I'm out of the sun. Daily moisturizers with sunscreen are a waste of time, because the sunscreen part is mostly inactive after 2 hours, so applying it at 9am is not going to protect you from sun at 2pm...false sense of security. I don't generally use any moisturizer, because I'm oily-skinned and don't really need it. Besides, moisturizers break me out.


    Before gym:

    Rinse with water
    Apply Vit C serum

    After gym:

    Cleanse with PSF Gentle Cleansing Castile
    Mineral makeup


    Cleanse with PSF GCC
    Retin-A and hydraquinone 4% (skin lightener)
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    Thanks for your responses! I am in the dark however. I do not know what the abbreviated namebrands are :(

    I do like sunscreens in my daily lotions, but I do not rely on them alone. I also use a really strong spf 70 on top of my daily treatment lotion. I cannot avoid the sun; I am an outdoors kind of woman and I hate wearing hats. So I slather on the sunscreen and like a wee bit of it in all my products.
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    Those are common problem on our skin so that best solution for this is using cleanser and moisturizer to make your skin looks radiant and smooth.
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    Thanks for your responses! I am in the dark however. I do not know what the abbreviated namebrands are :(

    I do like sunscreens in my daily lotions, but I do not rely on them alone. I also use a really strong spf 70 on top of my daily treatment lotion. .

    rinse with water
    Paula's Choice antioxidant serum
    CeraVe AM spf 30 (drugstore)
    makeup primer

    CeraVe cleanser (drugstore)
    Paula's Choice toner
    Paula's Choice 2% BHA lotion
    Paula's Choice antioxidant serum
    Renova (prescription but I order from India) wait 30 minutes then apply
    CeraVe PM (drugstore)
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    No JimB - it takes more than just cleansing and moisturizing to address the problems that the original poster has. If that were the case, nearly everyone would have clear, non-acneic, even-toned skin with no spots or wrinkles. It takes good TREATMENT and care, as in skin lightening agents, anti-wrinkle things, and clearing the skin(from the acne). Rx retinoids and skin lightening stuff works very well for a lot of people, once they find the right strength and combo for their particular skin.
    A note, guys(or women with genetically-perfect skin) will often say that all one has to do is wash one's face as this is what they do and their skin is fine LOL! They might be among the outliers that no matter how little they do to their skin it's fine and perfect - there ARE people like this in both sexes. Genetics has a WHOLE lot to do with how one's skin responds to environmental factors as well as simply time. More than people think, actually. JMHO here.
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    goldencurly, the skinceuticals belmish + age defense is an expensive product but not high maintenance but i think it does work and i'll likely buy more when i run out.
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  • goldencurlygoldencurly Posts: 2,385Registered Users
    Thanks everyone! I will be doing some intensive internet research this weekend!!
  • angie434angie434 Posts: 2Registered Users
    Hello, Renova is a really good cream for wrinkles.
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    You might want to try the Vitamin C Serum that I discovered, the Triple Action Vitamin C Serum by VoilaVe. You can look it up on Amazon. Serums has the ability to go deeper into the skin and it’s high level of active ingredients (ten times more effective then cream alone!) means it can help battle many common beauty complaints. I love using it because aside from being affordable, it is effective, it cleans my skin and keeps it smooth and kept my skin youthful looking.
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    Okay well I'm only in my teens but I'd say try coconut oil ! :) I started using it & my acne & acne scars (which are terrible & don't go away at all) are starting to fade! It also helps with scars or anything like that (: Try to get organic coconut oil, & there's two types, unrefined & refined. refined isn't as great but pretty close to it, & unrefined just smells, & tastes more like coconut & is better. Plus, you can cook with it & use it for your hair :)
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    A primary benefit of Vitamin C serum is that it supports skin enzymes and preserves skin collagen. It is also known to treat skin acne. Users of Vitamin C serum get healthier, younger-looking skin. I use Triple Action Vitamin C Serum by VoilaVe from Amazon. I have just started using this few months back, I have a dry skin and prone to acne problems. I have wrinkles and dark circles round my eyes. After using this, I realize that my skin hydration is restored and my cheeks are rosy. Even my colleagues noticed and asked what have I done! I'm very satisfied with this product that I am going to share it with you. Check this out too.
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    I do not like using so many cosmetics products. The best way to cure this to apply honey daily to your face. Just rinse it of after 6-7 minutes. Start doing facial exercises.

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