not sure how to deal with my THICK 2c hair

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Hi ladies!
I've never posted, but have lurked for quite awhile. It seems like lately my hair has taken a turn for the worse though so I figured you girls were the best people to ask for help!

I have THICK THICK THICK 2c Caucasian hair, and it's always been poofy to an extent, but usually I could tame it. I would shampoo, condition, deep condition a couple times a week, put some Sebastian defrizz, and lately living proof no frizz thick wavy/curly cream in it. I would then diffuse the hair after letting it air dry for awhile, and pull out the curlier more unruly pieces into waves with my straightener. Lately however, my hair hasn't even curled as much as it's turned into a big poofy mess. Even today when I curled pieces around my fingers before I blow dried it (which used to give me almost 3a curls at some times), there was barely any curl to be found, and just a TON of poof. I do get my hair cut fairly often to pull some weight out of it, but I just got it cut about two months ago which seems like too soon to be needing another one.. For awhile I was using loreal studio out of bed texturizer on wet hair to pull the poof out some, but it just made my hair feel to nasty and sticky to keep using.
I'm really running out of ideas, and with my shampoo and conditioner both needing to be replaced soon, and an Ulta coupon that expires this weekend I figured now is the perfect time to ask for your help!

I know these pictures don't show any super poofiness, but I have been lying on my hair for an hour plus trying to calm it down before I go out with my boyfriend!

I know this picture is kind of hard to see, but it's closest to what my hair USED to look like after I did it, I don't have any other pictures I'm sorry!

I know it might not look like that much of a difference but I promise terrible pictures aside it's really getting bad, there's no body, or curl, or anything. Just poof and blah looking hair. It's really starting to get me depressed!


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    Your hair definitely does not look like 2c hair, it would be considered 2a if anything, but it's barely even wavy at all. You should definitley try the Curly Girl method, and it will bring out your waves/curls and make your hair more manageable. If you don't know what the Curly Girl method is, what you need to clarify your hair with a sulfate shampoo that does not have any silicones (any ingredients that end with -cone, -conol, and -xane) for the last time, and then use a conditioner that does not have any silicones in it either. Then after that, you can start co-washing with a cheap silicone free conditioner such as vo5 or suave naturals, and then condition with a thicker conditioner. Then you can use styling products that also do not contain any silicones to define your curls and control frizz. :)
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    You look like a 1C or a 2A hair type. Heck... I think you're a 1B type. You just seem to have a problem with frizz. Once you can control that issue, your hair will straighten itself out.

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