opinions on the keratin treatment!!

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I have very thick and kinky hair and recently heard about this keratin treatment...i just want opinions and info on it!

i am looking for something to do or use to loosen the coils in my hair because it's wayyy too hard to manage. please help!


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    A couple days ago I decided I wanted to try a keratin treatment. I researched and looked at a couple of salons and decided to search for a home application kit. I did so not really knowing what the outcome would be and know that anything applied at home is not as strong as salon professional products. I decided with the One and only Brazilian Tech from Sallys. This line did not have any formaldehyde or other ingredients that are also formaldehyde but called something diff. I also wanted the least amount of products similar to sodium hydroxide. I did not know what to expect except I heard it loosens curl pattern from like say a 10 to an 8. After I washed out the appplication I freaked all my corkscrews where gone but I was still curly. I did not panic and contued with the process. As my hair dried my corkscrews came back. Instruction note to not was hair for 72hr but, I washed after 24hr once again so it was not so abrasive to my curls. It turned perfect the product does have a strong odor. If your are not experienced with applying relaxers or hair dye then I recommend you have a friend help you. It was great the kit was $30 In comparison to salon cost of $200-$300. Good luck my pictures the result of the flat iron and after the immediate wash out of the keratin. Hope this helps.
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    I used Organix 30-day straightener, and it worked fabulous on my hair. My hair is really curly also and hard to manage so I tried the Organix. It's 10-15$ here, and it smells like coco butter. No strong odor while applying, and you also can't wash for 48hrs. The Organix also says not to put your hair up or add any other product to it during the 48hrs but I oiled a little after flat ironing,and kept it in a bun the whole time and there was no difference from the first time I used it and kept it down the whole 48hrs. The keratin brought my hair back to life, and also makes my curls a whole lot easier to handle.
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    The good news for people going in for a keratin hair treatment, is that there are no harmful chemicals involved in the process. Instead, this hair treatment relaxes and straightens hair with the help of the active ingredient keratin.

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