HELP with shrinkage

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my hair is really kinky and thick as well..i've been natural since january 2011 but i've pretty much been wearing braids the entire time so i never have to deal with my hair..i've decided to start wearing it out, thing is, i don't know how to manage it. i honestly hate the way my hair shrinks up because it makes it tougher to manage, style and maintain...
my question is..what can i do or use to eliminate shrinkage? i dont want to have to put heat on it regularly and i rather avoid doing it at all so i need some advice..BAD! i've been looking for answers but can't seem to find them.


  • MajorCREATESMajorCREATES Posts: 8Registered Users
    Hey! Try doing twist or braids before bed. This will help stretch your hair and make it a little easier. :)

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  • RockRock Posts: 9Registered Users
    thank you