Colored a few times, need help renewing my hair

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Hi~ :hello2:

I have been doing CG method for several months (May I think), and just began dying my hair in November (getting some greys! :ncool:) I've noticed as I've colored it a few times now that the texture naturally is getting a bit dryer, but it seems some of my stronger curls are also weakening thanks to the chemicals in hair dye :thumbdown: which happens I know, but I'm wondering if anyone has any product recs and recipes recs to help my hair? I'm putting some pics of my hair day after dye, air dry from 6 am shower with some CG gels, and a day spent chasing a four yr old around (my hair looks better in compressed image, worse in large... :sad6:. You can see how my hair goes from thick 3b curls to a few 2 curls thanks to wear and chems. I am also not interested in Henna dying, I'm not confident to try it on myself and they don't seem to come out in light blonde reddish shades from what I've seen. :director:Also its important to note I live in a VERY dry climate in Colorado.

I don't have a lot of money, and it's scary to spend so much on products I have no idea if they will work :banghead: So I prostrate myself before you all and beg for help:notworthy:


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    A couple of ideas:

    1. Is your hair lighter, darker, or the same as the dyed color? If you're not going lighter, you could try using Color by Robert Craig next time. :) It's more gentle on the hair and won't dry it out. Hair Color and Hair Care by Robert Craig Salon Products, Ltd. You would need to choose a color about 2-3 shades lighter than you want so it doesn't go dark.

    2. Use a good protein treatment, followed by a good deep treatment to get your hair back in good condition. :) (but don't do that after using RC Color if you go that route later).
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    Your hair looks GREAT in the pix - I wish mine looked that good! But the advice from other people here to do treatments is good. The protein and deep moisture combo will help a lot over time. But sometimes one notices a big difference in just one set of treatments - best of luck. Your hair color is beautiful too!

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