Why does my hair do that?!

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Hiya!, so this has been bothering me since FOEVER! my hair seems to just whither up when it dries, it curls up too high! I know that shrinkage is common but my hair is all the way down to my waist and it shrinks up to my chin! theres also the crzy uncotrollable frizz to go with it :hmph:! Ive tried soo many things like olive oil, eggs, mayo to musse and curl activators. Is ther anything you guys can suggest that will help me out? I have to go to school everyday with my hair in a bun cuz ponytails just go POOF! p.s my hair is 3b/c Thank ya very kindly(:


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    My hair does the exact same thing . So at night I wash and put my styling product in and then I put it in a pineapple bun which stretches the curls out . A pineapple bun is just a bun at the very front of your head . Then I put a bonnet over it and got to sleep . This helped me out a lot . Hope I helped .
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    THANKS!! i really appreciate it! ima test it out tonite!
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    Welcome . Tell me how it goes !
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    Sorry I haven't been able to reply back to say if it worked or not, but Im sad to say it didnt really help. as soon as i took my hair down and put it into a simple pony tail it sayed 4 at least untill 3rd period and then it went POOOF. :angry7: it was still soft and curly but some curls shrunk really badl still. are there any other ways? Thanks 4 ya time :)
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    I'm not sure how much I can help because I don't have that much of an issue with shrinkage, maybe a half inch to an inch, but you might try weighing your hair down with a thick moisturizor and while it's wet/damp put it in braids or two stranded twists before bed(some peoples hair look crimped when they braid it, twists make a rounder shape in my own experience). It should dry while you sleep. Then when you get up in the morning take out the braids or twists.
    Again not sure how much I can help since I'm only 2C/3A with only a little shrinkage, but I hope it helps a little. What do you typically use in your hair?
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    Thanks for the advice :) typically i use Tresemme flawless curls or Garnier Length to strength or Garnier smooth n sleek products.
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    wow. XD

    My hair shrinks, but I don't think it will get that short what it is that long. er....

    Mine shrinks more when I put stuff in it... maybe just conditioner, but keep pulling it while it is wet so it stretches out?

    i dunno. i am also useless on the frizz issue XD I call frizzy days fluffy fro days and non frizzy days defined curl days XD
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