How to use coconut oil?

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Hello all, I have been transitioning for 8 months. I've read so many blogs and found out that coconut oil is good to use for my hair.:smile: But, none of the blogs explain how to use it. How should I use the coconut oil? deep conditioner? or use as oil for my scalp and hair? And should I rinse it out or can I just leave it in? Please help


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    You can use it as a pre-poo treatment put it in your hair before you shampoo let it sit for 15-20mins rinse, and shampoo. You can also use it as a sealant to seal in moisture I wet my hair using a spray bottle with water then apply the coconut oil to seal it in, I also use it after applying a leave in conditioner idk how true it is but I believe that it will seal in the moisture from the leave in.

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    As a preepoo but let it set for quite sometime at least an hour, u can also use it as a sealant or spray as they mentioned :) good luck
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    You know...I'm completely natural and I STILL don't exactly know what to do with coconut oil lol. Yes, I've read the blogs and have read about all the suggested uses but none of them have made a significant difference to the overall outcome of my hair.

  • NaturallyKiNaturallyKi Posts: 24Registered Users
    Thanks for the suggestions ladies! I tried using it after I washed my hair and my hair is so moisturized. :toothy7:

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